Most of us live in constant fear and the thing is we shouldn´t be afraid.

To be completely honest the world scares me. I´m afraid to socialize, I’m afraid to express my feelings and emotions.

In my case, fear causes me social anxiety; it makes me think I’m not good enough. When I’m in public, I can’t even look up; I’m always looking down thinking that it’s better to go unnoticed or unseen. My anxiety gets so bad that there comes times where I just can’t handle it. Deep down I know I’m wrong and I now that I shouldn’t be like this because who wants to live in fear? I definitely don’t.

I’ve developed a defense mechanism due to something that happened to me in the past, I’m not quite sure what it was but I’m told it’s in my subconscious. As a result of this I rather not open up to anybody, I’m a very cold person, I live in fear of being noticed at all times.

It’s stressful to never take risks due to the fear of rejection and failure. Some of us live behind these masks just trying to get through; we don’t live, we just exist. We have to realize that we can never eliminate the risks; we just have to learn to deal with them and not to try and run away from them.

Someone that’s helped me a lot once told me that whenever I’m afraid to do something, I should just ask to myself “what’s the worst thing that could possibly happen?” and after I would just realize that it´s probably not that bad and that I can handle it. This was one of the best advices someone could possibly have given me.

I’ve realized that we can’t be too rational about things like this, due to the fact that we end up overthinking everything and not doing anything.

But, better said than done, right?


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